Search Engine Optimization

FuduGo provide the excellent and ethical technique as well as service to optimize your website, so that it can share the top ranking positions in major search engines like google.

Are missing thousands of clicks from potential users/customers everyday?
Does your website doesn’t come up or lags behind in search engine results?
No worries, we are here to help you to make your online presence effective and popular.

Now a days search engine optimization (SEO) has gain focus in online marketing as it is the most efficient method of making the business visible to huge masses present online, as well as it is the most cost effective method. SEO can can take a website from nowhere to the top ranking pages in search engine results, hence earning the great advantage to reach millions of visitor worldwide.

FuduGo provide the excellent and ethical technique as well as service to optimize your website, so that it can share the top ranking positions in major search engines like google.
We like to share our process of SEO to our clients and visitors, so that they can understand the activity easily. This also helps us to keep transparency of work between us and our clients, so as to achieve client’s satisfaction and trust. These are the process FuduGo follows for SEO.

Consultation, research and analyses
We begin the work by understanding the business, products and targets of client. Then we check the current website status to estimate the work need to be done to optimize the website for top ranking in search engines. Our expert SEO team gathers the data to create the list of targeted and beneficial keywords for your industry. Selection of keywords depends on the entity like locations to be covered, targeted audience on the basis of (age group, gender, work, class, religion, ethnicity, etc.), business, quantity to be sold, price of product, etc. We then optimize the website with the keywords finally approved by the client. (Keyword means the common words used by masses to search information on internet.)

Content writing
Our expert team of content writer creates content for the website based on the recommended keywords and information gathered about the company. Our team creates the contents simple, easy to understand with most effective keywords, leaving an impact on visitors. We create content following appropriate regulations and in accordance of client need. We didn’t use a phrase unique content because we don’t practice copying, so we don’t need to emphasis on using phrase unique content.

Online SEO or HTML re development
As we take care of keywords and contents for optimization, it becomes a priority to optimize the HTML so that the keywords and contents of website can optimally communicate with search engines. Optimized HTML code help the website to enhance its visibility on search engines. In according to achieve this all aspects of websites are rechecked and customize including website architecture, meta tags, meta description, alt tags, internal link structure, scripts, subpages resulting in spider friendly and meets the search engine algorithms. We don’t disturb the current looks or functionality of website, we just more spice to make your website more popular.

Link Building
Links in websites are the paths where the visitor’s traffic flows, both incoming and outgoing. Link plays an important role in increasing the website popularity and ranking. Now, the tricky part is to develop links between your site and others sites. Here, our expert team puts their both technical and social skills to build a communication between your site and other websites. We offer one way link in major directories, fee based directory submissions, reciprocal link building with relevant other sites, etc. Just to ensure that your websites ranking should be increase we always prefer high quality link buildings.

Directories and Search Engine
We submit your website to all major search engines and directories like AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, Google, AOL, iWon and Netscape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, AskJeeves and DMOZ (Open Directory). Furthermore we will submit your company’s website to the fee based directories such as Yahoo Directory Looksmart, and several other quality directories which will add to your link popularity. Lastly, if your Website has indexing issues, we will create and submit site maps to both Goggle and Yahoo via their respective programs.

Reports and Monitoring
We use analytics to ensure websites best performance and traffic. We provide analytical reports to our clients based on geographical demographics, traffic sources, visitors bounce rate, returning visitor frequency, popular pages on websites, keywords used, etc. In addition to the monthly ranking reports, our technical staffs will check the website on daily, weekly and monthly routines, to ensure website integrity and verify that the website has not been dropped by any major search engine.